About STAC Solutions

STAC Solutions delivers enterprise IT solutions focused on Security, Telecommunications, Analytics, and Computing. STAC serves government customers through innovative cost effective solutions for mission critical systems. STAC provides these services to government customers at the federal, state, and local levels directly and in partnership with leading first-tier integrators.  STAC is also proud to be certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

STAC Solutions Team


Dr. Doug Stone is a retired Major General from the US Marine Corps. He graduated from the US Naval Academy, served on Active Duty for 6 years and joined the reserve component beginning his civilian career at Hewlett Packard as a design engineer. He ultimately became the data terminals division operations manager and was later recruited to ROLM Corporation where he was the Division General Manager of the successful ROLM phone product line. Later he moved back to Silicon Valley where he was the CEO of three successful startups engaged in software and communications product and service offerings. Alternating tours of Active Duty in the USMC, Stone also served as the Senior VP of Business Development for Qwest Communications and SVP of Business Development for SAIC. Dr. Stone is widely viewed as the pioneer of the software as service in his creation of Qwest's Cyber Solutions Corporation where he was President.

After 911 Stone was promoted to General Officer and assigned to be the senior US Military Representative to Pakistan where he assisted in the war effort against violence extremists. Later stationed in Afghanistan, he was asked to return Stateside to head the largest USMC training base, in 29 Palms, as Commanding General where he oversaw the change in training for all Marine battalions going to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Viewed a cultural expert, fluent in Urdu, Farsi and Arabic, General Stone was selected by General Petraeus to be his Deputy Commander over of all forces in Iraq during the surge. In Iraq he oversaw all interrogation and detention. Creating a pioneering new approach to this area of war fighting, he won international acclaim. Today he is the President's special advisor to the UN on counter-terrorism and has led a pioneering, and UN member nation signature document, named the Rome Memorandum, which provides guidelines for the management of violent extremists. Sought to speak and consult internationally, General Stone has been in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Italy, Algeria, UAE, Singapore, and other nations as he advances this new soft power method of dealing with the terrorist threat.

Upon retirement from USMC, General Stone co-founded Transportation Security Enterprises, with the focus to provide both security and services to the Metro Mass Transit market. In founding TSE, General Stone has melded his knowledge of mobile communications, with the software as a service business and his concern about terrorism at home against the Mass Transit market place.

Dr. Stone earned his doctorate from the University of Southern California in Political Science, and holds master’s degrees from Stanford in Business, Pepperdine University in Human Resources Management, the US Naval Postgraduate School in International Security, and USC in Public Administration.

Robert F. (Bob) De Cort, President

Bob is currently President of STAC Solutions, a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business developing and delivering Security, Telecommunications, Analytics, and Computing for mission essential enterprise solutions focused on the Federal Government. He has more than 30 years of experience in the design, development, and operation of technology enabled IT, Security and Telecommunications projects delivered globally for commercial and government customers. His expertise is in providing Program Development and Management for business focused solution implementation, integrated systems requirements definition, and deployment for complex high-risk programs and ventures.

Bob has directed efforts as Chief Engineer, Program Manager, Business Area Manager, and Business Development Manager, while based in the US and on long term assignments in Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia, and South America. Bob has gained this experience by defining, delivering, and operating highly complex technical systems to solve challenging national security and business problems while working for General Dynamics for 12 years, and SAIC for 17 years.

Bob began his career as a flight test engineer at Cape Canaveral for both manned (Space Shuttle) and unmanned (ATLAS) Space Launch Systems, his foundational engineering experience further includes the management of Structural Design and Systems Qualification Testing teams for the development of Space Qualified hardware, software, components and ground systems. He was the Chief Engineer for the development of new Launch Pads and processing facilities, and rose to become the Program Manager for Space Launch Ground Systems and Product Enhancements for the TITAN IV Program, where he developed and implemented innovations across the entire Launch Processing, communications and software control architecture. Bob has played key engineering and management roles and directly participated in launch and on-orbit operations for commercial, NASA, military and classified satellite programs, including the support of failure review inquiries.

As a Vice President at SAIC Bob became recognized for his ability to enhance the performance of both underperforming projects and organizations, as well as capture new business. During this time he is credited for both the successful turn around and completion of numerous challenging projects, integration of acquisitions, as well as the start-up of several multi-billion dollar high technology programs and ventures delivering mission essential security, telecommunications and IT services. For these highly successful efforts, he designed, implemented and managed creative businesses approaches; focused on performance based risk/reward and cost sharing models specifically refined for individual customer and project need. His ability to successfully fuse the technical, programmatic, and business aspects of high risk technology projects was in constant demand from top management, colleagues, and customers for projects delivered around globe, including war zones.